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14 September 2010 @ 10:02 am

Your result for The Mythological Profile Test...

Indrik the Beast

You scored 50% Esotericism, 84% Power, and 34% Malevolence!

In Russian folklore Indrik the beast is a miraculous beast, the lord of animals. He lives on "the saint mountain" and treads there where no other foot may tread. When he stirs, the Earth trembles. This beast has two horns and rules the water with snakes and crocodiles. According to a legend, Indrik has rescued people from a drought.
His name is a distorted version of the word "unicorn".

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14 September 2010 @ 09:44 am

Your result for The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test...

7 - the Adventurer

Thanks for taking the test !

you chose AX - your Enneagram type is SEVEN (aka "The Enthusiast").

"I am happy and open to new things"

Adventurers are energetic, lively, and optimistic. They want to contribute to the world.

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Check it out.
15 December 2009 @ 11:20 am
What do you get when you combine a biologist and a science fiction writer? This bit of geeky awesomeness!

I only wish I had seen this a couple of months ago.....
14 March 2009 @ 09:47 am
May 21 be your best year yet :)
13 February 2009 @ 03:22 pm
Okay, so technically I'm a day late.  So select against me :)